Community Involvement Enhances Business Success

Before you groan and begin drafting a long list of reasons why you can't be involved with the community, while running your business, consider these thoughts.

Start small...

> If you use social media regularly, like/follow pages for local municipalities, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce.

> Subscribe to notifications for City Council and County Commissioner meeting agendas. If something piques your interest, reach out to learn more or attend the meeting. #covidtimes have increased the opportunities to attend meetings virtually, so you may see to other demands simultaneously.

> Connect with surrounding businesses, and neighborhood organizations.


> You will be "in the know" for proposed changes that may enhance, or detract from your business BEFORE it becomes reality.

> The relationships you develop creates an environment for cross-promotion. Trusted referrals are worth their weight in gold.

> Community and public organizations regularly have access to resources that may assist your business. The most recent example witnessed, across the globe, is financial assistance to help with rent, marketing, and generally keeping the doors open during the pandemic.

> You may discover ways to help locally while further garnering support for your products and services.

Your voice matters. Your business matters. Invest the time and reap the rewards...#liveyourdream

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