Public Art...Public Input

During the past few months Black Lives Matter murals have been popping up around the globe. Full city blocks consumed, multi-story buildings encountering a fresh layer of colors, and billboards transformed...

I love art! I love art in public spaces, my car, my home...everywhere. In the midst of the BLM support, and multiple communities jumping on the "we need a mural too" bandwagon, a funny thing happened close to home. It caused me to think through my experience working with local municipalities, art guilds, and the business community to select art for public spaces.

As you will note from this opinion piece, submitted to the Summit Daily, I called attention to a series of art pieces that blossomed out of thin air. Those in Frisco, Colorado appeared to be without any sort of public vetting. As you might imagine, the outcry over a BLM mural being painted on Main Street without notice was rather alarming to some. My ultimate point was to draw attention to the importance of public input in the public art process.

Is public art alive and well in your community? Is there an opportunity to begin a conversation about the value it brings, how to fund it, and what it would look like in your town?

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